A Little History

Biography for Ken Soltys

At the age of 16, on April 1st, 1978, Ken Soltys made a decision to turn his life over to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. He was baptized with water shortly after his confession of faith.  Even prior to this vital decision, Ken always felt the call to international ministry. Ken began his mentorship under the ministry of Mike Evans, B’nai Yeshua. The major influences on his life during those formative years were: Kenneth Hagin, Harold Hill, John and Paula Sanford, Kenneth Copeland, Smith Wigglesworth, Oswald Chambers, Rex Humbart, and several others. Ken immediately began to serve the Lord with his musical abilities playing the trumpet, guitar, keyboards and singing.


Ken accepted his first of several ministerial positions in 1984 at the Smithtown Gospel Tabernacle where he was an Associate Director of the Orchestra and head of the instrumental music program at Smithtown Gospel Academy. Ken moved to Nashville in 1986 and quickly became involved in the music ministry of Faith is the Victory Church where he served till 1993. While in Nashville, Ken worked with drug prevention programs and mental health facilities. His work led him to ground an organization with Larry Gatlin and the Gatlin Brothers named, “World Wide Drug Free Youth”. Ken spoke and played many concerts and school assemblies with this organization in the Nashville and Washington, DC regions. In 1993, Ken accepted a pastoral position at Christian Family Worship Center in Naranja, Fl. (an area devastated by Hurricane Andrew in August of 1992. Ken was ordained at CFWC and was pastor over the Small Support Group/Pastoral Care Ministries and Praise/Worship Ministries. Ken served twice at CFWC from the years 1993-1995 and then 1998-2001. 1996-1998, Ken served as Worship Minister/Music Director at Voice for Jesus Church in North Miami with Pastor and R&B music great, Wayne Cochran. During his years in South Florida, Ken was moved into international ministry conducting concerts, seminars and appearances in Mexico, The Philippines, Kenya and Germany. In 2000, Ken founded Ken Soltys Ministries and was incorporated in 2001 as 501c3 non-profit corporation. Ken moved to Hayesville, NC in 2003 to go on Pastoral Staff at Living Word Revival Center where he was Pastor over media and music. Ken served at LWRC 2003-2005 and then again in 2007. In 2009, Ken accepted the position of Contemporary Worship Leader for the Union County United Methodist Church in Blairsville, GA where he served until April 2013. Ken currently resides with his wife, Elva, in Hayesville, NC. During the past 11 years of being based in Hayesville, Ken’s international ministry expanded greatly to include: Ecuador, Peru, Malaysia, South Korea, China, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Oman, The Netherlands, The Czech Republic and Israel. Ken ministers internationally under his name, “Project 7th Trumpet” (a ministry of KSM, Inc.) http://www.Project7thTrumpet.com)

In 2012, Ken established, “The Gathering Place” in Hayesville, NC. This state of the art facility is designed for media/music production and serves as a training and special event center. Ken has hosted many over from several countries to this facility hidden in the western North Carolina mountains and has produced several Christian CD’s and videos. (http://www.ThePazCenter.com)

Ken’s associations over the many years of active ministry in various works and locations has remained constant with his associations with Greg Railey (Capitol Worship Center - Colombia, SC), Randi Lechner – (Covenant Ministries, Inc. – Miami, FL.)


Ken began his formal studies of music at the age of 7 studying the trumpet and soon after the guitar. At the age of 15, Ken started his semi-professional career as a studio trumpeter in Long Island, New York. Ken attended Northport High School and was trained in theory, composition and Jazz Performance in the Performing Arts Department. In 1979, Ken started his college studies in Psychology, Criminal Justice and German at Baldwin-Wallace College. Ken kept up his musical studies with a concentration in trumpet performance in the world famous conservatory. BW College is located in a suburb of Cleveland, OH. During his 4 years in the region, Ken started his professional career as a trumpeter playing for many Off-Broadway production companies and recording sessions. Ken returned to New York in 1983, after  graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree and then playing a revue show in Las Vegas. During the years of 1983-1986, Ken’s professional music career took off. Ken began to warm up Christian artists in concerts as an artist himself playing keyboards and singing. These artists included: Twaila Paris, Scott Wesley Brown, Margaret Becker, Michael Card, Brian Duncan, Wayne Watson and several others. As a trumpeter during these years, Ken played with artists such as: James Brown, The Spinners, Gary U.S. Bonds and was the featured trumpeter with the Roland Parker Blues Band. In 1986, Ken moved to Nashville and continued his professional career as a musician playing with such artists as: Larry Gatlin and the Gatlin Brothers and Lee Roy Parnell. In 1990, Ken recorded his first of 15 CD’s as an artist with Powerlife Records in Nashville, TN. Ken has continued producing CD’s of his work and other artists since this time and has maintained a recording facility for this purpose. Ken’s CD’s and music have been heard and downloaded in more than 170 countries. This statistic was obtained through mp3.com, an online music distributor that closed it’s initial operation in 2003. Of note, Ken’s Christmas CD, “Silver Trumpet Christmas”, had 2 major internet hits. “O Holy Night”, reached #17 on the Internet Billboard Charts in December of 2000 and “Jingle Bells” reached #3 world-wide on the now revamped, “MP3.COM”, charts. This hit of December 2000, lied in between hits by Shania Twain and Madonna. Ken continues to produce unique worship music that features his skills in composition, orchestration, arranging, improvisation and instrumental skills on the trumpet, flugelhorn, keyboards and vocals. His music is currently distributed on all major Digital Distribution online stores such as: iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazonmp3, Napster and several more.